Insolvency and Restructuring

The members of our insolvency team specialize in comprehensive legal advisory services in the fields of insolvency, including bankruptcy, restructuring and debt elimination. We are able to provide our clients with consultancy in all the matters related to the insolvency law and crisis legal management. We have experience in both Czech insolvency proceedings and the international proceedings.

We have successfully represented our clients during insolvency proceedings both when it comes to small receivables and when the receivables are worth hundreds of millions of Czech crowns. The members of our insolvency team are experienced in the enforcement of receivables against statutory bodies of the debtors based on their violation of the reasonable managing care and proceedings led against unauthorized and deliberate transactions of the debtors’ property.


  • Comprehensive legal advisory services in the field of insolvencies
  • Legal support in the field of crisis management and in the pre-insolvency phase
  • Preparation of registrations of receivables to the insolvency proceedings
  • Preparation of insolvency proposals
  • Representing creditors, debtors and insolvency administrators during insolvency proceedings, including incident disputes
  • Enforcing receivables against statutory bodies of debtors and associated people
  • Disputing the transfers of debtors’ property
  • Securing expert trainings in accordance with the requests and needs of the client